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My prototype for radio is finished. It actually came out better than expected, and the TA’s seemed to enjoy playing both the physical and virtual prototypes.

I guess they found it to be so good that it was eligible for Greenlight pitch! Not only that, but my first pitch, MicroVentures (rogue-like for phone with Minstrel story generation) was also selected for Greenlight pitch. Seeing that I had passion for both projects, I decided to pitch both ideas and see which one would get the most feedback and save the other idea for a possible project after college.

Turns out I got great feedback for BOTH projects, and now I’m heading up two teams!

I talked with the professor, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, and this is basically how I’m going to hand both teams:

  1. Since radio will be a very challenging project due to 3D animation as well as networking, I’m going to meet up with the group and measure their skill in these fields. What I don’t want to happen is us fighting technical issues with networking and 3D during the 170 series and end up with a game that we’re disappointed in. However, if the team interested in radio does have adequate skills in such fields, I’ll be very happy to continue.
  2. I will most likely pitch BOTH ideas to the final judges. I really doubt that both ideas will be OK’d for continuing as a project in the 170 series.
  3. If it’s the SUPER MIRACLE unlikely change that both games ARE greenlit as projects, I may go with the group that I feel is most solid and leaving the other group. I’m still unsure whether or not I will allow for the other team to build a game on my idea, but again this is a crazy unlikely chance that this will happen, and I’m sure the professors wouldn’t want two game ideas from one student.
At this point, I’m more leaning towards MicroVentures because I believe I have more support from professors/TAs for a project like that, though radio can get support from Arnav and James Davis who both work in computer graphics and game engines. I also really want to work on a mobile platform game that I believe will come out really well!
That’s all I have for right now, I better get working on my other classes so I’ll have time for these games. I may post the final version of the radio prototype on here when I fix it up.

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