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It turns out that radio  didn’t get the turn-out that was minimum for a greenlight group (8-10 people). However, MicroVentures had a great turn-out with over 14 people interested!

We are currently working on a design document, which I may upload to my blog for reference when it’s finalized.

Our one paragraph description:

MicroVentures is an adventure game for modern mobile devices. Each play-though is a new & unique procedurally-generated experience that lasts 4-8 minutes, the average duration of most casual mobile games. Advanced narrative AI connects each adventure to previous play-through, creating a riveting interactive storytelling experience.

We are shooting for development on the Marmalade SDK, which can give us freedom to develop on both Android and iOS without the need for an Apple computer. It’s library is also in C++, which all of us in 170 are pretty advanced in.
We aim to implement a Minstrel-based story generating system, but since Minstrel is highly complex even for our simplistic usage, we’re leaving it out of the MVP. However, one of our TA’s, Brandon Tearse, is currently working on a Minstrel story generating engine. He thinks it may be possible to integrate his engine with our game, which is not only very generous of him but also super exciting!
Our final greenlight pitch is on Tuesday, but the practice presentation is tomorrow. I need to work on the slides.

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