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The judges (including Graeme Devine) selected 8 out of the 12 games pitched for the CMPS 170 series, which included my game, MicroVentures! It’s sucks that all the games couldn’t make it, I really thought they were all awesome games. But I guess I’m just happy that MicroVentures made the cut.

So now, I will be officially leading a team of 7-9 programmers and various other artists and a writer and composer. I have 5 core group members so far, all of whom are excellent workers and super friendly dudes.

The judges gave us some helpful feedback on our game, which includes:

– Female playable characters
– How is narrative presented?
. Cooler if things are revealed as you play (as opposed to all at start/end)
. Want moment to moment revelations of new surprises
. Display iconic/comic style narrative w/ just pictures ?
– Publish completed stories to FB/Twitter feeds
– Cumulative story arc required for good game
– Users have ability to add elements to their own story bank?
– Look at Sword & Sworcery

I really like these notes, and we’re going to be meeting up with Brandon to talk about where we should go from here.

Also, here is the physical prototype we showed during the greenlight pitch:

It doesn’t have any text since I talked over what was happening, but essentially the video showed how we would create Mad Libs type stories  on the board from random story items, then generate a game from those story items for the player to play.

That’s all the time I have for today.


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