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So I haven’t updated my blog for a while since my workload for the past couple of weeks has been well over my head. Now that the quarter is over, I now know to never take three project-based Comp Sci courses at the same time. Especially when you’re the leader of one of those projects.

But for MicroVentures, our project is now fully under way! I just gave my final presentation to a large audience here at UCSC about MicroVentures, including several videos of our prototypes, how the gameplay works, the procedural storytelling, and other miscellaneous things about the game that’ll make it super exciting.

I’m currently on winter break, but I’ll be working on the game during this time (lol no break for game devs!), mainly focusing on the story generator. I still need to brainstorm exactly how I’m going to insert story into the gameplay, but as far as the ‘Wall of Text’ problem in the initial startup of an Adventure, I’m planning on having a storybook look, letting the player flip through four pages. Each page will contain roughly 1-2 sentences and pictures to identify with the story.

I will be posting updates on the game throughout development. We will also be having a development blog at


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