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Over the weekend, I participated in another game jam, Ludum Dare! I did not know the jam was happening until the day of, so I decided to take it easy for this one and make something simple. Given that the theme was ‘Minimalism’, my ideas must have went for ‘minimal gameplay and story’ because what I got was this:


The game is called sigillum, named after another project I had started but has long since ditched (though I do re-use the player sprite). The game itself is meant to be atmospheric, with your only action being to move, usually forward. This also marks my first self-made Flash game, using the Flashpunk game engine. I don’t want to say too much about the story, or what everything means in the game, because I wanted to game to be atmospheric and let everyone have their own feelings about what sigillum is.

Also, sound design was important for this game. It was simple, but important. Make sure that you have sound on if you try it out.

You can play the game in-browser here:

One thing I’ve learned from this weekend is that it’s a lot more fun to game jam with a group of people than it is by yourself at home. I was in contact with my girlfriend Chloi (who was also jammin’), but overall I didn’t feel the same joy I did during the Global Game Jam. I also learned to not spend too much time on something that isn’t working because 48 hours isn’t as long as it seems, especially when you’re working with an unfamiliar engine. The good news now is that I understand Flashpunk better for any future game jams or project!


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