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I haven’t updated this blog in a long time, mainly due to the fact that so much has been happening with my current job and the flashy living in San Francisco, but I’m now going to start updating this blog with more  game development related news.

First thing’s first: is no longer a WordPress Blog

Yes, as you may have noticed, this url is back to, my personal website, is now a newer (and glitchier) website that holds my portfolio and various social media links. I didn’t like the fact that my personal website was restricted by wordpress, so I took it off. I still like keeping wordpress strictly as a blog, so I just separated the two sites out.

I am going to GDC 2014!

I’ll be going to GDC this year with the Indie Statik crew. Oh, and a bit of news on that front: I’m writing voluntarily for Indie Statik, mainly covering small free games and doing whatever else I have time for during my off hours. I’ll be at GDC for the entire week this year, and hopefully catch some good talks & meetups.

What I have been doing this past year

My current engineering job has been picking up a lot, and I’ve been working my butt off making a living in the city of San Francisco. I really haven’t worked on too many other games besides a few game jam games which you can play on my GameJolt page.

I’ve gone back and forth on several projects. One of the current ones I was working on was a spaghetti western multiplayer game inspired by Samurai Gunn. I’ve been working on it in HaxePunk, but recently made a switch over to HaxeFlixel due to some of HaxePunk’s limitations. Both libraries have their pros and cons, and it’s been very difficult to choose between the two. I’ll try to post screenshots as I have more development, but for the time being here is a vine I made of the game in very early stages.

Anyway, that’s enough for today. I’ll do my best to post more on here when I can, since keeping a record of my development is probably a good thing.


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